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The Enchilada Plate from Hatch Chili Grill
The Enchilada Plate from Hatch Chili Grill

Welcome to Hatch Chili Grill

Since 2014, Hatch Chili Grill has served Austin with some of the area's finest and most inventive hatch chile dishes. Our chiles come straight from the source in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, while the rest of our ingredients are from local farms and markets.

Be it our Hatch Chile Soup or our special Hatch Chile Queso, we promise you are in for a treat when you sit down at one of our tables. We invite you to check out our menu Visit our menu page by clicking here, or simply stop on in next time you're in the area. We look forward to serving you, here at Hatch Chili Grill!

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